Friendly, efficient, creative, talented.
That’s what we hear about our team.
Our experience speaks for itself,
having filmed on all seven continents,
from the Death Zone on Everest
to Fortune 500 boardrooms.

From concept to completion we
translate your needs into something
that works.

Video production, web design,
marketing, communications and sales.
Come to us for all your needs.

From the studio to a college campus,
from the machine shop to a mountaintop,
each project has unique needs.

Our clients include UMass Amherst,
The Explorers Club, LENOX Saw,
Eastern Mountain Sports,
and many others.

• All formats of film and video,
including High Definition and 35mm.
• Field crews, large
studio set-ups and extreme locations.
• Non-linear editing
in the field and in-studio.

EYES OPEN PRODUCTIONS � Full-service video, web and media production & support
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