Adventurer, filmmaker, public speaker and personal coach Thom Dharma Pollard delivers inspirational, intimate and unfiltered “Stories That Inspire” in each episode. Expert guests discuss their chosen craft and tackle the Big Questions about life’s meaning, spiritual inquiry, happiness and self-fulfillment. World class adventurers and NY Times Best-selling authors, leaders in the entertainment industry, musicians and beyond share insights about living a meaningful life and how they’ve made their intentions a reality by following the core passion of their hearts. The Happiness Quotient: connected, engaged, passionate people who inspire us.

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Thom Pollard of EYES OPEN PRODUCTIONS is an award-winning Director of Photography and Filmmaker who has filmed from Easter Island to the summit of Mount Everest and everything in between. His films and camera work have won numerous television, film and production awards, including an Emmy for (Orphan Orca/PBS), finalist of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts for best cinematography (Lost on Everest/BBC) as well as a Silver Telly in the Nature/Wildlife category for his camera work on a Mako shark documentary (Monster Fish). His photographs have appeared in dozens of books and languages worldwide, as well as in numerous publications, including National Geographic Magazine.

Thom is an experienced public speaker, thrilling audiences around the world with his tales of adventure, using his brilliant photographs and films. He is said to have the “It” factor. His presentations create powerful impressions for schools, businesses and annual events.

Thom has filmed four Everest documentaries spanning two decades, for PBS, the BBC, National Geographic and Sony.


“Thom’s presentation was better than attending a Master Class. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.” -Rod McCurdy, Partner, Major Projects, KPMG Australia

Thom Pollard delivers exceptional inspirational keynote presentations to audiences around the world. Pollard inspires a deeper understanding of self, eliciting the emotions which drive us to tackle seemingly insurmountable goals. Everest and adventure provide the perfect metaphor to inspire audiences at business events, schools and universities, private events and trade shows.

Drawing upon his extensive adventure career, Thom shares his most intimate experiences as a filmmaker and climber in a captivating and memorable event. His knowledge of the history of Mount Everest and his own personal triumphs and tragedies on the world’s highest peak create a dramatic backdrop from which he artfully weaves his presentation.

Risk, Performance, Teamwork, Self Image and Overcoming Obstacles are seamlessly woven into Thom’s presentations, which can be tailored to fit individual event or business theme.

Marmot • Boston Museum of Science • Boston University • Harvard Travellers Club • Wilderness Risk Management Conference • TEDx Olympic Manufacturing • National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs • Moorhead State University, Minnesota


Thom has filmed four Everest documentaries spanning two decades. He was high altitude cameraman during the expedition that discovered the body of lost British mountaineer George Leigh Mallory at nearly 27,000 feet in 1999, 75 years after his disappearance (PBS/BBC). Thom returned to Tibet to film the search for Mallory’s partner, Sandy Irvine, in 2019 with National Geographic and Sony (Lost On Everest/National Geographic & Disney). He filmed Accidental Climber in 2014, which was released to critical acclaim in 2018. In 2016, during the filming of Sharing Everest, Thom reached the summit on May 22nd under a brilliant full moon.

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Thom Dharma Pollard

The Explorers Club, 2001American Alpine Club, 2000

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